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Aerial, Satellite & Home Entertainment Installation in Essex

Chelmsford Roofline Ltd may be the experts in fascias, soffits and guttering but there are two roofline products we don’t deal with: television aerials and satellite receivers. We leave satellite and aerial installation up to our friends and Essex neighbours at Optical Control Ltd.

Optical Control work with domestic, commercial and industrial customers on projects involving the latest in home entertainment and security system technology. Optic Control have designed and installed Integrated Reception Systems and Satellite Master Antennas for hotels, hospitals and housing projects. IRS and SMA’s ┬ágive guests, patients and tenants full access to satellite, cable and freeview television using single point reception. This significantly reduces the cost while protecting the roofline environment.

Optic Control made their name through the design and installation of integrated home entertainment systems. For those of us of a certain age, Optic Control came straight from the screens of Tomorrow’s World. Putting all audio, video, gaming and on-line servers on a single network gives home owners direct control of their televisions, music systems, video games wherever they are. Operating from touch screen control pads – including smartphones, tablets and iPads – make this the ultimate user-friendly home entertainment system on the market.

Taking it one step further, Optic Control can add mood lighting and smart home automation to the network, dividing the home into lighting zones and integrating with home security systems. Dedicated home cinema with 5.1 or 7.1 Dolby surround sound systems are ideal for immersing in the full home entertainment experience, with or without authentic cinema seating, also available from Optic Control.

Security and surveillance systems for domestic and commercial customers provides cctv, automated number plate recognition, analytics and night vision, all at the touch of a screen.

For more information check out the Optic Control page on our website or visit them at

Aerial, Satellite & Home Entertainment Installation in Essex