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Is Your Roof Winter Ready?


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Preparations for winter include thicker duvets, cosy slippers and the heating turned up a notch, but have you thought about one of the most important areas of your home? Namely the roof!

Your roof is incredibly important being your first line of defence against the elements, and needs to be fully functional in order to keep your building warm and dry. Your roof protects you and your home from problems and health risks associated with damp. A roof needs to be water tight and is also a major factor in the thermal efficiency of your property, keeping your fuel bills reduced as well as your carbon footprint.

The winter months can cause all kinds of havoc with your roof, so a few checks and required measures carried out are essential to prevent anything spoiling the winter and festive period.

Things to check for include:-

Guttering – It is essential that gutters are regularly cleared, and downpipes flushed especially if you live in an area with tall trees. Leaves, debris and snow or ice can affect drainage, and force rainfall to seek other paths allowing it to run over the gutter edge, and down the front of your house, covering your windows. Blocked water will also find any tiny cracks to seep through causing the beginnings of damp and mould deep within your exterior walls.

Tiles and Slates – These are prone to buckling, which will be exacerbated if it begins to snow, possibly causing slates to loosen or come away.

Pipes, Shingles and Flashings – These need to be checked and sealed in order to prevent water seepage.

Vents and Skylights – Check for any sign of cracks, decay or rusting metal as these can be problem areas and can develop leaks.

Think of your roof as an investment and spend a little time and money ensuring its effectiveness. You can make some observations from the ground by noticing any loose tiles or cracked guttering. Try to spot any pieces of roof debris that may have fallen onto the ground, particularly after strong winds or driving rain. Binoculars can come in handy, as you scan any chimneys for signs of wear and tear or anything which looks out of place.

Chelmsford Roofline Ltd are Essex based specialists in the replacement of Fascias, Soffits and Guttering. We install the excellent Eurocell range of UPVC products for the building trade, and can for certain period properties, install authentic cast iron effect guttering. Our 100% recyclable materials produce smart and attractive guttering, down pipes and other roofing products in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours to enhance your home. We also offer a stunning and practical selection of Weatherboard Cladding for a host of applications.

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