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Eco-Friendly Green Roofs

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chlmsfd rlWith an increasing amount of land being built upon, organisations like Natural England and The Environment Agency, are required to consider how to retain biodiversity. One way to accomplish this in a significant way is by fitting green roofs wherever it is practical to do so. Green roofs are an intriguing development, benefiting the environment as well as households, communities and businesses in a number of ways. As its name suggests a green roof is a vegetated layer, covering the surface of a traditional waterproof roof. They provide a number of exciting functions and possibilities that can positively effect both people and wildlife, and are popping up in many countries.

These eco-friendly roofs come in a variety of forms, each designed for a specific purpose under the headings intensive, extensive and biodiverse/wildlife.

Intensive – Green roofs labelled ‘intensive’, can support a wide range of trees, plants, shrubs, perennials and annuals, as they consist of at least 20cm deep substrates. These are thought of as roof gardens, which have always been popular though these days they are more likely to have integrating water management systems. These innovative systems process waste water from the home in addition to storing surplus rainwater. These green roofs are quite labour intensive, requiring the same maintenance and care as an ordinary garden.

Extensive ÔÇô Composed of layers of lightweight, free draining material which supports drought tolerant and low growing vegetation, this style of green roof draws lots of attention. As they are lighter than intensive roofs, they do not need extra structural support. The type of vegetation is also as a rule, suited to the roof top environment with its exposure to the elements, meaning little input from busy homeowners. They can be installed onto existing buildings or created within a new build.

Biodiverse/Wildlife ÔÇô With growing awareness about conservation issues, these green roofs are fast becoming the roof of choice. They can be fashioned to replicate the ideal habitat needs of a particular species or a whole range of birds and insects. Sometimes they are named after the species they cater for such as Redstart roof. These roofs not only reflect a households commitment to environmental aspects, they insulate and cool the home, reduce rainwater run-off and promote biodiversity in urban areas.

They are known by a number of names such as, brown, biodiverse, living roofs; rubble, brownfield and eco habitats. Biodiverse or wildlife roofs are generally considered to be a less costly option, due to the inclusion of recycled materials, although this is seldom the case, as there are guidelines about their composition.

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