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Energy Efficient Homes with Bespoke Lambrequins & Pelmets

Hand made lambrequins, Buttoned Pelmets, Curtains, Blinds, Theydon Bois, Upminster, Epping, Essex


At Chelmsford Roof Line Ltd, we value other companies like ourselves who put the needs of their customers first. Our web promotion partners Applewood Interiors, offer quality bespoke curtains, blinds, lambrequins, buttoned pelmets, soft furnishings, upholstery and awnings. With a finger on the pulse awareness of current trends within interior design, Applewood Interiors are ideally placed to advise on how your house can be transformed into the home of your dreams. They provide FREE home consultations and planning, and can also save you the hassle of installation [and ladder climbing] with FREE precision measuring and fitting.

Applewood Interiors believe in actively developing their range of products to reflect customer demand, which has resulted in additions like lambrequins and buttoned pelmets.

Lambrequins, are popping up everywhere, as people realise that these window enhancements are not only beautiful, but functional. Lambrequins can be custom made to compliment and co-ordinate with your home d├®cor, presenting sleek and contemporary, or traditionally ornate and sophisticated shapes. Heating bills are reduced, due to their rigid and robust structure and design, which helps to block cold air and drafts, while preventing warm air from escaping, especially where there are ill fitting windows. Alternatively, the same process ensures that interiors are kept cool during the hot summer months. Pelmets work in the same energy efficient way and are equally attractive, bringing a major dynamic to any window area when used with blinds or curtains. Buttoned pelmets add an elegant chic to a room, and when hand made by skilled experts the effects are highly professional.

Applewood Interiors, deliver a fully rounded service for domestic or commercial customers, using materials sourced in the UK. All tailored products like curtains and soft furnishings from Applewood, are made locally in Essex, catering to areas like Theydon Bois, Upminster and Epping.

Being an online company with no shop front, means that prices are lower, typically 30%, as there are no overheads. This gives you the freedom to choose your perfect look, so don’t waste any time, call Applewood Interiors on 01277 200203

Bespoke Pelmets, Buttoned Pelmets, Awnings, FREE Consultation, Planning, Measuring & Fitting Service, Essex