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Stay Safe at Height

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You may have noticed that nowadays, professional roofers or anybody carrying out work at height will probably insist on using scaffolding. This is a wise precaution especially when you consider that falling from ladders is a leading cause of accidental injury and even death! According to a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report [MMWR] 43 percent of falls from ladders prove fatal.

In warmer, drier climates, there isn’t so much emphasis on roofs leaking, but, unfortunately in the UK this is one of the most important and vulnerable parts of the home. This means vigilance, and regular close range inspections should be performed to avoid small issues becoming large problems. Cracked, loose or missing tiles are often responsible for the beginnings of damp and mould. Conditions which can have an adverse effect on health and damage décor, furnishings etc.

But you don’t always need to go racing up to the roof without a second thought, [remember those statistics]. For instance if your roof is less than five years old, has not been subject to extremes of weather and does not show evidence of leakage, you could get away with an inspection from the ground. You can also take a look at your roof from the inside starting with the attic. Take note of any watermarks, sunlight shining through, dark patches or sagging.

If nothing seems amiss from the inside, take a walk around the outside of the building with the roof in view and check if there are any obvious issues or unexplained gaps. How do the gutters look? Gutter replacement can solve a large proportion of problems like damp, as old or displaced versions may allow rain water to seep in.

If you want to take a closer look, make sure you are safe by maybe hiring some powered or manual access equipment, or even a telehandler. These will elevate you safely and securely, so you can then carry out a comprehensive inspection without any risk to yourself or others.

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