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Raining indoors?

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The impressive new home of BBC Wales cost £120m and features state of the art technology, there is just one problem, when it rains the floor is strewn with buckets! This prompted one tabloid newspaper to rather cruelly call the organisation the ‘Big buckets corporation’! The building, which sits in Cardiff’s Central Square, took four years to build and is one of the most expensive structures in Wales. Red faced BBC bosses had insisted that the move to Cardiff would eventually save money. The opening of the building was hailed a historic day, until the heavens opened, putting a dampener on the proceedings [scuse the pun]!

The former [and drier] home of BBC Wales was in Llandaff, for over 50 years, and will be knocked down and sold for housing developments. Work on the new 155,582 sq ft building started in 2015 and was completed earlier this year. It features cutting edge internet Protocol technology for TV editing and output along with camera control. Fortunately the leak has not affected the running of the BBC in this building, which is quite fortunate. A BBC Wales spokesman said: ‘As with any new building, the occasional issue can arise and we’re working with the developer and their contractors to remedy the situation.’

Joking aside, this situation highlights the importance of a sound roof and its accompanying guttering, soffits and fascias. Water will find the tiniest weak point at which to gain entrance to a building, and can wreak havoc. Damage by rain will very quickly escalate, so that the problem becomes extremely difficult to resolve. It can result in mould and ruined furniture, carpets etc. The BBC were pretty lucky too, as water or damp can cause damage worth thousands to expensive electrical equipment.

We see this sort of situation all too often at Chelmsford Roofline, which is a shame as it is easily avoidable. Call us for advice on 01245 861168


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Eurocell Survey Findings

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Leading UPVC manufacturer, distributor and recycler of building products Eurocell, recently produced a revealing report. The research found that there was generally too much emphasis on the creation of homes with little regard to supporting infrastructure. Study participants included private renters, home owners and social housing occupants. 69% of all questioned believed that there was not sufficient consideration given to the provision of health, education and sports facilities. They were of the opinion that these areas were continually overlooked during the construction planning process.

32% of people questioned thought that a lot more could be done to help develop doctors, hospitals and dentists, and 31% felt that way about nurseries and schools. More parks should be provided according to 28%, and additional leisure, sports and craft centres would be favoured by 26%. Facilities such as restaurants and cafés should be prioritised said 21%.

As many as 55% of respondents felt that fast construction of homes is a negative where community spirit is concerned. 44% of those asked complained that doctors surgeries etc were not extended in order to accommodate both new and old communities. To address these imbalances, 37% thought that local residents should have significant input on planning decisions. Greater collaboration between planners and service providers was suggested by 36% along with other factors.

Professionals contributing to the report included architects and developers within the industry. The Queen’s speech Christmas 2019 offered hope and raised expectations regarding infrastructure investment.

Eurocell manufacture high quality UPVC glazing and roofing products including guttering, soffits and fascias. Specialists like ourselves prefer to use reputable brand names such as Eurocell, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Gutters – Your First Line of Defence

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The rain might be good for the garden, but it’s not great for our properties, and can cause lots of issues. The first line of defence is the roof and of course the gutters, which play an important role in protecting your home. Gutters catch rainfall and channel it away from the building via a downpipe before it causes havoc. Water ingress can cause the dreaded damp and mould with their tell tale musty smells and discolouration. Damp problems can prove expensive, as interior décor, carpets, clothes etc have to be replaced.

It isn’t only the inside of your property that can suffer water damage, the actual bricks and mortar will also be negatively affected. Any paintwork is also likely to be impacted by constant contact with water.

Solid, high quality guttering systems are the answer, ensuring your home is dry and comfortable. Once new guttering is installed it needs very little attention, apart from a regular clean to remove any debris. Gutters can be blocked by leaves, weeds, moss and anything else blown up into them. Ideally they should be cleared twice a year, before winter to clear the autumn leaves, and again in spring ready for the April showers.

Gutters come in a choice of materials including cast iron and aluminium, but the popular choice by far is high quality UPVC. These are extremely functional, will last a long time and do not need painting. Plastic gutters, fascias and soffits are not subject to erosion or rust, and can be found on most new build homes these days. Made from un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, they generally come in white, grey or black. They are easier to install and also extremely cost effective, which is always an attractive feature.

If you are able, you can clear the gutters yourself using a ladder, trowel and bucket, otherwise there are plenty of companies who offer this service. Sometimes it’s best to get the professionals in as problems may arise like blocked downpipes. More serious issues could require a new guttering system for peace of mind in Chelmsford, Bishop’s Stortford and Harlow.

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Check Your Gutters!

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Gutters have one main job, but it’s an important one, that is keeping water from damaging your home. They exist quietly in the background, out of sight, yet are vital to the maintenance of your property. Many home owners overlook their gutters until there is an issue. But if gutters were not there, our homes would be vulnerable to a range of problems that can cost money and in some cases health!

It is vital to look after and maintain your gutters, as problems like damp are easier to prevent than to treat. Heavy rain can cause major havoc for your home, penetrating windows, doors and foundations. It will seep into places that should be kept dry and pool around the foundations. Water damage is pretty common in the UK, thanks to our weather conditions and flooding can affect basements and even landscaping. Growth of mould and mildew and unsightly staining can occur damaging paintwork etc.

Gutters should be cleared and repaired on a regular basis, at least twice a year. This is especially true if you have trees nearby as leaves and other debris will clog gutters and render them useless. Any gaps or holes in your gutters will create problems and could stop them functioning properly. Gutters that are full of plants and soil will become extremely heavy, eventually pulling away from the house. Issues can be caused by rotted or damaged fascias or soffits too. If gutters aren’t functioning correctly, you might as well have none at all.

Remember your gutters and their components are the first line of defence when it comes to water damage to your home. They will protect from serious issues like damp, which can ruin décor, curtains, carpets, window frames, you name it. It’s isn’t pleasant to open your wardrobe and smell mouldy clothes. If you have old wooden or cast iron gutters, you might want to consider a newer more modern high quality, and attractive option. For advice on this issue call us on 01245 861168

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Stay Safe at Height

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You may have noticed that nowadays, professional roofers or anybody carrying out work at height will probably insist on using scaffolding. This is a wise precaution especially when you consider that falling from ladders is a leading cause of accidental injury and even death! According to a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report [MMWR] 43 percent of falls from ladders prove fatal.

In warmer, drier climates, there isn’t so much emphasis on roofs leaking, but, unfortunately in the UK this is one of the most important and vulnerable parts of the home. This means vigilance, and regular close range inspections should be performed to avoid small issues becoming large problems. Cracked, loose or missing tiles are often responsible for the beginnings of damp and mould. Conditions which can have an adverse effect on health and damage décor, furnishings etc.

But you don’t always need to go racing up to the roof without a second thought, [remember those statistics]. For instance if your roof is less than five years old, has not been subject to extremes of weather and does not show evidence of leakage, you could get away with an inspection from the ground. You can also take a look at your roof from the inside starting with the attic. Take note of any watermarks, sunlight shining through, dark patches or sagging.

If nothing seems amiss from the inside, take a walk around the outside of the building with the roof in view and check if there are any obvious issues or unexplained gaps. How do the gutters look? Gutter replacement can solve a large proportion of problems like damp, as old or displaced versions may allow rain water to seep in.

If you want to take a closer look, make sure you are safe by maybe hiring some powered or manual access equipment, or even a telehandler. These will elevate you safely and securely, so you can then carry out a comprehensive inspection without any risk to yourself or others.

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5 Reasons for an Exterior Home Makeover

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If you are planning a few upgrades to your home, you may be focusing on the interior, but don’t overlook the exterior of your house. An overhaul to the exterior is a rewarding experience, as a smart appearance makes a great first impression for visitors. This part of the home tends not to need doing very frequently also, and can remain looking fresh and bright for years.

The aspects of the home exterior that stand out are windows, doors and guttering including soffits, fascias and downpipes. People don’t always realise the difference that a new guttering system can make when used to replace rotted timber fascias and dilapidated gutters. Sleek, modern and clean UPVC guttering , fascias and soffits will look good for many years, without the need for additional maintenance.

Of course these fittings are not just intended to look pretty! They are crucial when it comes to protecting your home from the weather. Wet and damp are big problems for homeowners, and once they get a foothold they are hard to shift. Damp can damage brickwork, roofs, windows, joists and other areas, and any resultant mould can cause a number of health issues such as asthma.

A few of the advantages of new guttering systems are:-

  • They can be applied to domestic, commercial or industrial buildings.
  • UPVC gutters, fascias and soffits will not conduct lightening unlike metal.
  • They are weatherproof, maintenance free and long lasting.
  • They are durable and sturdy supporting the weight of average ladders, yet lightweight.
  • Versatile and adaptable to most environments and ideal for a range of installation requirements.

You can get expert advice on which system would suit your property from our specialist team, call us on 01245 861168. We will discus your needs and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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Stay Safe at Working at Height

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When working at height, great care needs to be taken whether undertaking a major clean up of a large building as part of your job, or checking the roof and clearing gutters at home. The former type of job of course requires plant machinery in the form of telehandlers etc, but for DIY jobs on your home a proper set of aluminium access ladders, platforms or scaffolding towers are needed.

Scaffolding towers are fast and easy to erect making them are an instant hit with home owners and DIYers. They provide a sturdy base to work from, and as they are free standing, you don’t need to prop them up against a wall. This means you can safely reach heights and work for longer periods in comfort. Towers also have adjustable legs, ideal if working on sloping or uneven ground, an advantage you won’t get with a normal ladder.

With their wider area, you don’t have to constantly move the structure along, plus you can keep tools and paint pots etc safely stored next to you. Rails and kickboards ensure additional safety with towers, so you don;t feel at risk of falling and there is no chance of accidentally kicking tools, paint etc onto anybody below.

Originally used predominantly by specialists within industry, many home owners now use towers and platforms for working on household jobs. They offer a hands free solution, as you don’t have to hold on to anything while working. They also make painting ceilings and high walls a lot easier, and reduce the risk of falls.

Aluminium towers are lightweight, so easy to handle and are available for hire from places like Rhinos Plant Hire in Essex. They offer a wide range of powered and non powered access equipment for safety when working at height. Call them on 01277 372 626

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Top to Toe Home Makeover

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It’s at this time of year that you realise the importance of keeping your home and especially roofs and gutters clean and well maintained. Gutters should be cleaned about twice a year, usually in the spring and autumn. The latter is the most important, particularly if you live near any trees, as falling leaves are famous for clogging up gutters. When gutters are blocked, rainwater cannot escape properly, and can end up running down the walls or pooling and causing any joints in guttering to deteriorate and leak. Fascias and soffits protect your home from damp, and stave off the appearance of mould and other nasties. New guttering, fascia and soffit installations are recommended to counter these reoccurring problems, and will also give a very attractive look to the outside of your home.

Roofs can also give cause for concern, and any loose, broken or missing tiles or old and damaged lead flashings, need to be replaced. If you notice that several of your neighbours are getting new roofs, you may want to check your own if the property is of a similar age. Of course another big sign that there is a problem is damp raising it’s ugly head on upper floors.

The term for having a gorgeous abode these days is giving it ‘kerb appeal’, meaning homes that provide a great first impression, essential if you are hoping to sell. A major way to bring the wow factor to any home is to have a clean and beautifully designed front door. Composite doors are available in an array of colours and specifications, are tough and easy to look after. Windows can deliver a dynamic and effective feel too.

Think about the surrounding area of your home in Chelmsford also, nothing will drag a home down like an untended front or rear garden. Let your imagination run wild here perhaps adding a water feature. Make sure you clear and prepare the ground first using a mini digger for fast results. You can hire these useful items of machinery from specialists like Rhino Plant Hire, at reasonable rates.

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More Than Just a Pretty Fascia!

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Like most people, you of course desire your home to look attractive, clean, sparkling and well maintained, and part of that is making sure that every detail is carefully chosen. The exterior of your property can be upgraded in many ways, with superb windows, welcoming, beautifully designed doors, perfect porches, flower tubs and pristine steps.

Exterior colour schemes are another way to provide a stunning appearance for your home, with subtle variations in shade, and an exciting range of coloured frames now available for your double glazing. Alternative options to traditional white, such as black, anthracite and deep brown shades, are popular, especially in conservation areas in and around Essex

One aspect which is often overlooked but delivers an exceptionally striking effect is it’s guttering and drainage system with fascias, soffits and downpipes. More often chosen for their functional abilities, these necessities can elevate the look of any property, resulting in a smart and tidy display. They can also be found these days in a variety of textures and colours other than white, to compliment your preferred scheme. If not maintained, old drainage systems can become unsightly, [you can’t wipe them daily with a wet cloth] as well as not working to their full capacity.

Sure, it’s nice to think that all features of your home are original and were installed when it was built, but this is not always practical. Cast iron guttering for instance, was usually created in sections and over time most become prone to leakage through the cracks and joins between these sections. These are difficult to seal and make waterproof, and the repairs soon seem to deteriorate meaning constant attention.

The exterior of your home will create a lasting impression among visitors, and anticipation of the indoors. It is very satisfying to stand back and admire the outside of your home, knowing that it compliments the interior decor with style and class.


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Greenery is Lovely, But Not Growing in Your Gutters!

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treessigned closeThere are certain parts of your home which although may not be the most interesting, need to be attended to if catastrophes are to be avoided. One of these areas is your guttering [cue puns about your mind being in the gutter!]. When you think about it, if any water or damp is allowed to get into your home from above, it can cause a number of problems for any of the areas below. Many homeowners complain about damp, and how many homes can you see around about that have old or defective guttering, soffits, fascias or downpipes?

Properly installed gutters that are maintained by professionals are a no brainer, and are required in order to ensure that all rainwater is drained away from the foundations of any property. This aspect of building has become even more crucial in recent years as a result of severe weather and countrywide flooding. Modern guttering is designed to remain functional and durable as well as giving the home an attractive appearance. Your gutters from Chelmsford Roofline Ltd, will:-

  • Protect your property from damp and mould caused by water seepage
  • Ensure any soil surrounding your home is stabilised, avoiding foundation problems
  • Help prevent flooding and consequent damage
  • Lessen the chance of cracks and erosion of paths, patios, driveways etc
  • Avoid unsightly water staining on brickwork or rendering
  • Prevent water damage to external windows, doors and garage overhead doors

It is important to have your gutters regularly cleared of any leaves, soil or weeds so that they are in full working order. After all your gutters are not intended for gardening. Get them cleaned once or twice per year if you’ve trees nearby, but even where there are no trees in the area you would still be wise to have your gutters checked and cleaned. Good quality gutters, securely fastened to the fascias should not leak nor come away under heavy snow. We are specialists in the installation and maintenance of high performance guttering, fascias, soffits and downpipes. We also supply and fit excellent Cedral Weatherboard cladding, to further protect and beautify your home. Call us on 01245 861168

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