Check Your Gutters!

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Gutters have one main job, but it’s an important one, that is keeping water from damaging your home. They exist quietly in the background, out of sight, yet are vital to the maintenance of your property. Many home owners overlook their gutters until there is an issue. But if gutters were not there, our homes would be vulnerable to a range of problems that can cost money and in some cases health!

It is vital to look after and maintain your gutters, as problems like damp are easier to prevent than to treat. Heavy rain can cause major havoc for your home, penetrating windows, doors and foundations. It will seep into places that should be kept dry and pool around the foundations. Water damage is pretty common in the UK, thanks to our weather conditions and flooding can affect basements and even landscaping. Growth of mould and mildew and unsightly staining can occur damaging paintwork etc.

Gutters should be cleared and repaired on a regular basis, at least twice a year. This is especially true if you have trees nearby as leaves and other debris will clog gutters and render them useless. Any gaps or holes in your gutters will create problems and could stop them functioning properly. Gutters that are full of plants and soil will become extremely heavy, eventually pulling away from the house. Issues can be caused by rotted or damaged fascias or soffits too. If gutters aren’t functioning correctly, you might as well have none at all.

Remember your gutters and their components are the first line of defence when it comes to water damage to your home. They will protect from serious issues like damp, which can ruin décor, curtains, carpets, window frames, you name it. It’s isn’t pleasant to open your wardrobe and smell mouldy clothes. If you have old wooden or cast iron gutters, you might want to consider a newer more modern high quality, and attractive option. For advice on this issue call us on 01245 861168

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