Is Fire Safety Training Compulsory in the UK?

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Fire Safety TrainingAny business or establishment who have more than one employee or volunteer, should ensure there is some fire training carried out. This is a legal obligation, and everyone on the team should participate in a fire safety training course. New employees should also be familiarised with your company’s fire safety process, plus escape routes during their induction. The training can be carried out in house by a reputable company who offer this form of training such as Fire Logistics Limited. Employers need to make sure that staff know the procedure if fire breaks out, and ideally training of newbies, should be repeated during the first month of their employment. Yearly refresher training for all staff is wise once a year, and a record kept.

The importance of fire training cannot be underestimated, and can potentially avoid loss of life and damage to property and stock. Most training covers three main areas:

  • The Fire Action Plan, informing employees and others of the procedure should fire break out. This is included in the risk assessment, and employees need to be fully aware of all points.
  • There will be information on the elements of combustion, what poses a fire hazard and why.
  • Participants need to know the types of fire, and different ways of dealing with each, which can vary significantly. The various kinds of extinguisher will be explained and the kinds of fires they are used for, also how to use them safely.

Personnel must be made aware of how to raise the alarm should they discover fire, they should know the evacuation procedure and location of escape routes, exits and assembly points. These training courses are invaluable, and have proved extremely helpful for many businesses, especially during worst case scenarios.

Fire Logistics Limited offer an extensive program of training including tailored fire safety training courses, basic fire awareness and fire warden training to the highest standard.


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