More Than Just a Pretty Fascia!

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Like most people, you of course desire your home to look attractive, clean, sparkling and well maintained, and part of that is making sure that every detail is carefully chosen. The exterior of your property can be upgraded in many ways, with superb windows, welcoming, beautifully designed doors, perfect porches, flower tubs and pristine steps.

Exterior colour schemes are another way to provide a stunning appearance for your home, with subtle variations in shade, and an exciting range of coloured frames now available for your double glazing. Alternative options to traditional white, such as black, anthracite and deep brown shades, are popular, especially in conservation areas in and around Essex

One aspect which is often overlooked but delivers an exceptionally striking effect is it’s guttering and drainage system with fascias, soffits and downpipes. More often chosen for their functional abilities, these necessities can elevate the look of any property, resulting in a smart and tidy display. They can also be found these days in a variety of textures and colours other than white, to compliment your preferred scheme. If not maintained, old drainage systems can become unsightly, [you can’t wipe them daily with a wet cloth] as well as not working to their full capacity.

Sure, it’s nice to think that all features of your home are original and were installed when it was built, but this is not always practical. Cast iron guttering for instance, was usually created in sections and over time most become prone to leakage through the cracks and joins between these sections. These are difficult to seal and make waterproof, and the repairs soon seem to deteriorate meaning constant attention.

The exterior of your home will create a lasting impression among visitors, and anticipation of the indoors. It is very satisfying to stand back and admire the outside of your home, knowing that it compliments the interior decor with style and class.


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