Stay Safe at Working at Height

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When working at height, great care needs to be taken whether undertaking a major clean up of a large building as part of your job, or checking the roof and clearing gutters at home. The former type of job of course requires plant machinery in the form of telehandlers etc, but for DIY jobs on your home a proper set of aluminium access ladders, platforms or scaffolding towers are needed.

Scaffolding towers are fast and easy to erect making them are an instant hit with home owners and DIYers. They provide a sturdy base to work from, and as they are free standing, you don’t need to prop them up against a wall. This means you can safely reach heights and work for longer periods in comfort. Towers also have adjustable legs, ideal if working on sloping or uneven ground, an advantage you won’t get with a normal ladder.

With their wider area, you don’t have to constantly move the structure along, plus you can keep tools and paint pots etc safely stored next to you. Rails and kickboards ensure additional safety with towers, so you don;t feel at risk of falling and there is no chance of accidentally kicking tools, paint etc onto anybody below.

Originally used predominantly by specialists within industry, many home owners now use towers and platforms for working on household jobs. They offer a hands free solution, as you don’t have to hold on to anything while working. They also make painting ceilings and high walls a lot easier, and reduce the risk of falls.

Aluminium towers are lightweight, so easy to handle and are available for hire from places like Rhinos Plant Hire in Essex. They offer a wide range of powered and non powered access equipment for safety when working at height. Call them on 01277 372 626

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