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Raining indoors?

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The impressive new home of BBC Wales cost £120m and features state of the art technology, there is just one problem, when it rains the floor is strewn with buckets! This prompted one tabloid newspaper to rather cruelly call the organisation the ‘Big buckets corporation’! The building, which sits in Cardiff’s Central Square, took four years to build and is one of the most expensive structures in Wales. Red faced BBC bosses had insisted that the move to Cardiff would eventually save money. The opening of the building was hailed a historic day, until the heavens opened, putting a dampener on the proceedings [scuse the pun]!

The former [and drier] home of BBC Wales was in Llandaff, for over 50 years, and will be knocked down and sold for housing developments. Work on the new 155,582 sq ft building started in 2015 and was completed earlier this year. It features cutting edge internet Protocol technology for TV editing and output along with camera control. Fortunately the leak has not affected the running of the BBC in this building, which is quite fortunate. A BBC Wales spokesman said: ‘As with any new building, the occasional issue can arise and we’re working with the developer and their contractors to remedy the situation.’

Joking aside, this situation highlights the importance of a sound roof and its accompanying guttering, soffits and fascias. Water will find the tiniest weak point at which to gain entrance to a building, and can wreak havoc. Damage by rain will very quickly escalate, so that the problem becomes extremely difficult to resolve. It can result in mould and ruined furniture, carpets etc. The BBC were pretty lucky too, as water or damp can cause damage worth thousands to expensive electrical equipment.

We see this sort of situation all too often at Chelmsford Roofline, which is a shame as it is easily avoidable. Call us for advice on 01245 861168


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Eurocell Survey Findings

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Leading UPVC manufacturer, distributor and recycler of building products Eurocell, recently produced a revealing report. The research found that there was generally too much emphasis on the creation of homes with little regard to supporting infrastructure. Study participants included private renters, home owners and social housing occupants. 69% of all questioned believed that there was not sufficient consideration given to the provision of health, education and sports facilities. They were of the opinion that these areas were continually overlooked during the construction planning process.

32% of people questioned thought that a lot more could be done to help develop doctors, hospitals and dentists, and 31% felt that way about nurseries and schools. More parks should be provided according to 28%, and additional leisure, sports and craft centres would be favoured by 26%. Facilities such as restaurants and cafés should be prioritised said 21%.

As many as 55% of respondents felt that fast construction of homes is a negative where community spirit is concerned. 44% of those asked complained that doctors surgeries etc were not extended in order to accommodate both new and old communities. To address these imbalances, 37% thought that local residents should have significant input on planning decisions. Greater collaboration between planners and service providers was suggested by 36% along with other factors.

Professionals contributing to the report included architects and developers within the industry. The Queen’s speech Christmas 2019 offered hope and raised expectations regarding infrastructure investment.

Eurocell manufacture high quality UPVC glazing and roofing products including guttering, soffits and fascias. Specialists like ourselves prefer to use reputable brand names such as Eurocell, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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