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It’s at this time of year that you realise the importance of keeping your home and especially roofs and gutters clean and well maintained. Gutters should be cleaned about twice a year, usually in the spring and autumn. The latter is the most important, particularly if you live near any trees, as falling leaves are famous for clogging up gutters. When gutters are blocked, rainwater cannot escape properly, and can end up running down the walls or pooling and causing any joints in guttering to deteriorate and leak. Fascias and soffits protect your home from damp, and stave off the appearance of mould and other nasties. New guttering, fascia and soffit installations are recommended to counter these reoccurring problems, and will also give a very attractive look to the outside of your home.

Roofs can also give cause for concern, and any loose, broken or missing tiles or old and damaged lead flashings, need to be replaced. If you notice that several of your neighbours are getting new roofs, you may want to check your own if the property is of a similar age. Of course another big sign that there is a problem is damp raising it’s ugly head on upper floors.

The term for having a gorgeous abode these days is giving it ‘kerb appeal’, meaning homes that provide a great first impression, essential if you are hoping to sell. A major way to bring the wow factor to any home is to have a clean and beautifully designed front door. Composite doors are available in an array of colours and specifications, are tough and easy to look after. Windows can deliver a dynamic and effective feel too.

Think about the surrounding area of your home in Chelmsford also, nothing will drag a home down like an untended front or rear garden. Let your imagination run wild here perhaps adding a water feature. Make sure you clear and prepare the ground first using a mini digger for fast results. You can hire these useful items of machinery from specialists like Rhino Plant Hire, at reasonable rates.

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